Argentina vs brazil head to head

Are Brazil and Argentina enemies?

The social relations between Brazilians and Argentinians are also telling. This is perhaps where the rivalry has most successfully been overcome. Despite the competition in sports and the jokes, the two societies no longer see each other as enemies , but as brothers.

What is the biggest defeat in Argentina football history?

Biggest win and worst defeat The biggest win in the history of Argentinean football is a 12-0 victory of Ecuador. The match was played in Montevideo, Uruguay in January 1942. The biggest defeat the side has ever suffered is 6-1 on two occasions; against Czechoslovakia in June 1958 and against Bolivia in April 2009.

Who is Brazil’s biggest rival in soccer?

Flamengo vs Fluminense Probably the best known Brazilian rivalry around the world, the Fla-Flu (as it is commonly known) is less of a grudge match and more of a celebration of the color and vibrancy of soccer fan culture in Rio de Janeiro.

Who scored most Brazil goals?


Who’s better Brazil or Argentina?

Argentina has 160 goals, while Brazil has 163. Only counting World Cup matches, Brazil is slightly ahead with two wins, one draw and one loss, whereas in the Copa América matches, Argentina holds a comfortable lead with 14 victories, 8 draws and 9 defeats.

Are Brazil and Argentina allies?

Argentina and Brazil are neighbouring countries of South America, and two of the most important economies in South America. The two countries combined represent 63% of the total area of South America, 60% of its population and 61% of its GDP.

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Which team has never lost to Brazil?


Who is the god of football?

Diego Maradona

Who is Argentina’s top scorer?

The men Messi beat: Argentina’s top-ten goalscorers 1 / 10. LIONEL MESSI : 55 Goals. 2 / 10. GABRIEL BATISTUTA : 54 Goals. 3 / 10. HERNÁN CRESPO : 35 Goals. 4 / 10. DIEGO MARADONA: 34 Goals. 5 / 10. SERGIO AGÜERO : 33 Goals. 6 / 10. GONZALO HIGUAÍN: 30 Goals. 7 / 10. LUIS ARTIME: 24 GOALS. 8 / 10. DANIEL PASSARELLA: 23 Goals.

Who is Brazil’s best player?

Brazil has also produced players considered as the best of the world at their time and among the best in history, such are the cases of Pelé (widely regarded as the greatest footballer of all time), Garrincha , Rivellino, Zico, Romário , Cafu, Roberto Carlos, Ronaldo , Rivaldo, Ronaldinho , Kaká and Neymar .

Who is the highest goal scorer in the world?


Rank Player Total Goals
1 Josef Bican +805
2 Romário 772
3 Cristiano Ronaldo 770
4 Pelé 767

Who has Ronaldo scored the most goals against?

Teams against which Cristiano Ronaldo has scored more goals

# Rival Goals
1 Sevilla FC 27
2 Atlético de Madrid 25
3 Getafe CF 23
4 Real Club Celta de Vigo 20

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