Crossy road brazil secret character

How do you unlock the secret characters in crossy roads?

Here’s how to get all the mystery characters in Crossy Road , as of January 2019.

Name Unlock Method
Drop Bear As an Australian character, find the Drop Bear in a tree, and go close to it. This will kill you, end your run, and unlock the Drop Bear.
Crab Side step at least 50 times and end with a score over 40.

How do you get the secret New Zealand character in crossy road?

To unlock the Halfling, the player must be playing as any New Zealand character . There is a rare chance that, while playing, the player may encounter a small gold ring spinning just above the ground. The player can hop into the ring to collect it.

How do you get the secret dog on crossy road?

All you have to do is collect lots of dog food and you will eventually get the secret character.

How do you get the coconut in crossy road?

To obtain Coconut Water: Play as Tourist. Collect at least five Coconut Waters in one run. Upon death, Coconut Water will unlock.

How do you get the tourist in crossy road?

Tourist can be unlocked from the Prize Machine for 100 Coins, or you can purchase it for $0.99.

What is the best crossy road character?

Best Crossy Road Characters Hipster Whale . Best I have 327 best with the hipster whale . Zombie. I always get my top score only by Zombie. Unihorse. Has my current high score of 571 – over 200 higher than 2nd or 3rd (giddy goat and dark lord ) The Dark Lord . Chicken. Swift Snail. Poopy Pigeon . Baby Duck .

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What is the highest score on crossy road?


How do you unlock the Arctic characters in crossy road?

Iceberg: Play each of the Arctic characters from Puffin to Walrus and jump at least one time into the water. Once you died in the water with Puffin, Lost Penguin, Arctic Hare, Arctic Fox, Lemming, Narwhal, Wolverine and Walrus (not necessarily in this order) the Crossy Road Secret Character Iceberg will be unlocked!

How do you get drop bear in crossy road?

The player must go to the tree, where it will jump onto the player, killing it. Once it happens, the Drop Bear is unlocked. Crossy Road iOS App – Unlock Drop Bear NEW Australian Secret Character!

Can you get bashy beaver from the prize machine?

Bashy Beaver cannot be unlocked by the Prize Machine .

How do I get a robo dog?

To unlock him, the player should play as any space update mascot and find a yellow duck-like alien as seen in the gallery.

How do you unlock the cat lady in crossy road?

To unlock her, the player should follow these steps: Using any cat (except Scaredy Cat ), eat the fish that appear. They are little yellow fish, and will only appear on the grass. After collecting 9 fish (they don’t have to be in one go) you should get the Cat Lady .

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