Sao paulo brazil airport code

How many airports are there in Sao Paulo?

2 airports

What is the main airport in Brazil?

Galeão International Airport

How many airports are there in Brazil?

4023 airports

How far is Guarulhos Airport from Sao Paulo?

about 25 kilometres

What is the cheapest month to fly to Brazil?


Is it worth visiting Sao Paulo?

While it is certainly best appreciated by people who live in São Paulo , as a way of escaping the noise and rush, it is well worth a visit by tourists, especially those who want to tour its excellent museums.

What is the most popular sport in Brazil?


Is Brazil safe?

As a general rule, Brazil is safe for tourists. If you plan on visiting the major cities and checking off the popular tourist spots then you’re unlikely to experience any issues traveling safely through Brazil .

What is the capital city of Brazil?


Which country has no airport?


Which is biggest airport in the world?

Beijing Daxing International Airport

Which is the highest airport of the world?

Daocheng Yading Airport

Is Sao Paulo dangerous for tourist?

São Paulo can be safe and it can be dangerous . Make sure you keep everything in a closed purse close to your body or in the front pocket at all times. Do not keep valuable things in sight. Don’t hold your cell phone, money or documents in your hand – that’s inviting a snatch-and-grab theft.

What is Sao Paulo famous for?

The city has cultural, economic and political influence nationally and internationally. It is home to monuments, parks and museums such as the Latin American Memorial, the Ibirapuera Park, Museum of Ipiranga, São Paulo Museum of Art, and the Museum of the Portuguese Language.

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How much is a taxi from Sao Paulo airport to city?

How much is a taxi from São Paulo Airport to the city ? Well, a taxi from Guarulhos airport to the city center (Paulista Ave) should cost between R$90-140. The ride takes approximately 30-45 minutes, without traffic jams. While an Uber should cost somewhere between R$50-70.

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