Declan mckenna brazil meaning

How old was Declan McKenna when he wrote Brazil?


Is Declan McKenna religious?

Declan McKenna : Yeah, I mean, having been raised like a Catholic , I have a sort of sympathy for religion , in that I think that religion’s religion . My parents, for example, aren’t as negative or oppressive as certain strands of Christianity and other religions are.

Does Declan McKenna have siblings?

He was born the youngest of six siblings . His parents were teachers.

What football team does Declan McKenna support?

I’m a Spurs fan myself.” The singer found it unreal to be on the set of TV’s Later With Jools Holland. “So odd being in the studio of a show I’ve seen so many times. It messed with my perspective of the show on screen,” he said.

What nationality is Declan McKenna?


How tall is Declan McKenna?

Height 6′ 1” – 186cm
Waist 31½” – 80.5cm
Shoe 44.5 eu/10½ us/10 uk
Hair Light Brown
Eyes Green

How many songs has Declan McKenna released?

Declan McKenna discography
Studio albums 2
Music videos 12
EPs 3
Singles 11

Is Declan McKenna vegan?

Declan McKenna is a vegan Musician Known for his single “Brazil,” Declan McKenna has gained an online cult following for his socially conscious lyrics and unique sense of style.

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