Fire in brazil museum

What caused the Brazil museum fire?

An improperly installed air conditioning unit on the ground floor of Brazil’s National Museum ignited the September 2018 blaze that razed the 200-year-old cultural institution and reduced the majority of its 20-million artifact collection to ashes, local authorities reported at a press conference.

What museum burned down?

The overnight inferno likely claimed fossils, cultural artifacts, and more irreplaceable collections amassed over 200 years. Major pieces of Brazil’s scientific and cultural heritage went up in smoke on September 2, as a devastating fire ripped through much of Rio de Janeiro’s Museu Nacional , or National Museum .

What happened to Brazil’s national museum and its contents?

As much as 90% of the collection at Brazil’s National Museum was destroyed in a devastating fire on Sunday and – compounding the disaster – the building was not insured, according to the museum’s deputy director.

What was lost in the fire that destroyed Brazil’s largest museum?

Among the items lost were those on display in the museum’s main building, which included many irreplaceable entomological and anthropological items such as Eskimos’ vests dating back to the 19th century, objects collected during the first encounters with indigenous populations in South America, and what once

What cathedral burned down in Paris?

Notre Dame de Paris

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