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Is it safe to travel to Sao Paulo Brazil?

OVERALL RISK : MEDIUM. If you take into consideration all the possible dangers in Sao Paulo , it is an averagely safe city. As in any other city, some unsafe parts should be avoided, particularly at night.

Is it worth visiting Sao Paulo?

While it is certainly best appreciated by people who live in São Paulo , as a way of escaping the noise and rush, it is well worth a visit by tourists, especially those who want to tour its excellent museums.

What is Sao Paulo Brazil known for?

São Paulo is Brazil’s largest city and the world’s seventh largest. The skyline of the biggest city in South America, Sao Paulo , Brazil . Situated in Southeastern Brazil , São Paulo is known for its unpredictable weather conditions. Its climate is a typically monsoon-influenced one.

How many tourists visit Sao Paulo each year?

São Paulo is a city of numbers. There are over 12 million inhabitants that share space with 14,9 million of tourists per year . It is 1,521 km² wide, offering several interesting places to meet, restaurants to taste different gastronomies, malls and many shopping centers for all kinds of goods.

Why is Sao Paulo so dangerous?

São Paulo , Brazil is a popular tourist and business destination with a population of 16 million people, 40 percent of whom are poor. Because of this poverty, São Paulo is an especially dangerous city for visitors.

Is Sao Paulo expensive?

São Paulo is the most expensive city in Brazil for eating out, but restaurant prices are largely affordable for tourists coming from Europe or the USA.

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How many days do you need in Sao Paulo?

2 days

Do they speak English in Sao Paulo?

2. English isn’t spoken widely. Not many Brazilians speak English , particularly outside Rio de Janeiro or Sao Paulo .

How far is the beach from Sao Paulo?

120 miles

What is the most dangerous city in Brazil?

Porto Alegre

Should I visit Rio or Sao Paulo?

That’s a tough question. If you want to visit some of the most famous tourist attractions in the world and some of the best beaches, then head to Rio . If you want to eat, shop and party, São Paulo is for you. But if you want to truly get a more complete picture of Brazil, include both in your itinerary.

What do they speak in Brazil?


What is the most visited place in Brazil?

Tourism in Brazil Rio de Janeiro , the most visited destination in Brazil by foreign tourists for leisure trips, and second place for business travel. Salvador, capital of Bahia state, is the center of Afro-Brazilian culture, and one of the top destinations by Brazilian nationals and international tourists.

Why do tourists visit Brazil?

This country is filled with a rich dose of history, culture, religion and great sports as well. With intriguing people, plants and animals this country is surrounded by a fantastic Amazon rain forest and beautiful tropical oceans. Brazil is one of the most fascinating tourist destinations for travelers.

What is Brazil famous for?

13 Top-Rated Tourist Attractions in Brazil Cristo Redentor and Corcovado, Rio de Janeiro . Cristo Redentor , Rio de Janeiro . Sugar Loaf, Rio de Janeiro . Sugar Loaf, Rio de Janeiro . Iguaçu Falls. Iguaçu Falls. Copacabana, Rio de Janeiro . Copacabana, Rio de Janeiro . Carnaval, Rio de Janeiro . Ipanema. Amazon Rain Forests. Brasília’s Modernist Architecture.

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